Can Toenail Fungus Be Dangerous?

There are some health related issues that can be really dangerous to your life; there are also some issues that do not cost you your life, but can be really annoying. One of such annoying issues is the toenail fungus. It is not that you die or go through terrible health issues when you have this issue, but it’s just that the problem can go to such an ugly level that you find it difficult to even walk properly without making an awkward expression on your face. Yes – the accumulated fungus in your toenail has the power to give you enough pain!

The fungus in your toenail can make you go through the following things:

  • Embarrass you in front of others because of the odor: The odor can be so disgusting that you find it difficult to sit with others, comfortably. The moment you take your shoes off, the odor can kill you if there’s accumulated fungus!
  • Cause pain to your foot when you are walking: When the fungus accumulates in your toenail, you find it difficult to walk the way you want to. Since your toe aches, you tend to avoid walking and may find it difficult to do little things.
  • Make you feel embarrassed due to the discoloration of the nails: It is difficult to wear open shoes if you have fungus in your toenail. Since the fungus changes the color of your nail, you find it embarrassing to show your feet to others around you.
  • Progress into bacterial infection: The worst thing is that the fungal infection develops into bacterial infection and then it becomes quite dangerous. Not that it is life taking, but it can cause a lot of pain to your entire foot and not just the toe.
  • Spread to the members in your family: The fungus in your toenail can be contagious and thus, you have to get it treated before you unintentionally pass it to your loved ones.
  • Affect the skin surrounding the toenail: If you are going through the problem of fungus in your toenail, it may spread to the other fingers or the surrounding skin as well. Getting it treated is the only choice you have to make!

Now that you know about the different issues that the toenail fungus can make you go through, it is good that you get it cured the moment you notice the symptoms of the same.

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